Inhuman & degrading treatment

PAKISTAN: A young woman killed by her husband on the pretext of honour killing

Dear friends, The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information that a 30-year-old woman named Ms. Hidayat was allegedly killed by her husband, Mr. Momin Ali Mahar in Dal village, Lakhi Ghulam Shah Town, Shikarpur District, Sindh Province, Pakistan on 29 February 2004. The case was registered at the Chak Police Station. However, a human […]

INDIA: Torture, death in police custody, impunity

Dear Friends Please take action on the information below, forwarded from the organisation People’s Watch-Tamilnadu, which is a human rights organisation working for the protection and promotion of human rights in the state of Tamilnadu, India. People’s Watch-Tamilnadu have been taking action on behalf of the citizens of Tamilnadu and elsewhere regarding blatant violations of human […]

UPDATE (SRI LANKA): Michael Anthony Fernando (Tony)

Dear Friends We are pleased to update you with the following on Michael ‘Tony’ Fernando: SET ASIDE ‘PATENTLY FLAWED’ DECISION SWIFTLY UN Rappoteur Tells the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka The UN Special Rapporteur on the Independence of Judges and Lawyers, Date Param Cumaraswamy, in a press release issued from Kuala Lumpur on 28 May […]

INDIA: Burning Dalits with an iron rod and force-feeding human excreta

INDIA: Human dignity is denied; Cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment against Dalits ——————————————————————– We reproduce this report about an incident that has enraged Dalits in India. The horrible nature of caste oppression and the Indian government’s unwillingness to deal decisively with this issue is brought home shapely by this story. We urge everyone to write […]

MAY DAY 2002: State violence and repression in Asia

State violence and repression in Asia INDONESIA/MALAYSIA/SINGAPORE/AUSTRALIA: Repression and violence against human rights defenders on May Day 2002 ——————————————————————– Last Wednesday was International Labour Day – the day to remember and continue the struggle for basic human rights for workers around the world. Far too often the efforts of worker activists for justice end in […]

UPDATE (MALAYSIA): Call for Red Cross to aid hunger striking ISA detainees

Dear Friends We are asking for your urgent action in the light of dramatic developments in the struggle of the ISA detainees for proper medical and legal treatment. The 8-day long hunger strike and several days without water has seriously weakened the six detainees to the point where two have been put on intravenous drip […]

AUSTRALIA: ‘Last resort’ for asylum seeker Stephen Khan

Last resort’ for asylum seeker Stephen Khan AUSTRALIA: Mandatory detention and denial of the right to asylum, denial of independent fair trial, serious risk of ill-treatment if expatriated ——————————————————————— AHRC has previously issued urgent appeals drawing attention to the brutal treatment of asylum-seekers and the appalling conditions in detention centres in Australia. Since last year […]