Freedom of assembly

UPDATE (Malaysia): Acquittal of seven Malaysian students

[UA-29-2003: MALAYSIA: Trial drags on and on for seven suspended university students; UP-25-2003: MALAYSIA: Media Statement on the “ISA 7” from the Aliran Executive Committee; UP-28-2003: MALAYSIA: A youth activist arrested in a student march for justice] Dear friends, The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) writes to inform you of the acquittal of seven Malaysian […]

UPDATE (Philippines): Several protesters, including four priest, beaten by police during a peaceful demonstration in Malate Church, Manila

[RE: UP-29-2005: PHILIPPINES: Two more leaders from the Bayan Muna party are killed in Baguio and Tacloban City, UA-34-2005: Killing of a labor rights activist for the Hacienda Luisita farm workers in Tarlac City, UP-26-2005: Priest supporting for the Hacienda Luisita farm workers in La Paz, Tarlac killed and two others wounded, UP-28-2005: Attempt on […]

SRI LANKA: A man tortured and prosecuted with false charges by the Samanalaweva Police Post

Dear friends, The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information that a man named Heeralu Mohottalalage Punchi Banda (39) was illegally arrested and tortured by the Sub Inspector (S.I.) Dhammika Bandara of Samanalaweva Police Post in Balangoda on 26 August 2004. Due to brutal torture, the victim still suffers from severe pain on his […]

PAKISTAN: A young woman killed by her husband on the pretext of honour killing

Dear friends, The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information that a 30-year-old woman named Ms. Hidayat was allegedly killed by her husband, Mr. Momin Ali Mahar in Dal village, Lakhi Ghulam Shah Town, Shikarpur District, Sindh Province, Pakistan on 29 February 2004. The case was registered at the Chak Police Station. However, a human […]

Republic of Korea: The revision bill of the Law on Assembly and Demonstration clearly violates the right to expression

Dear friends The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) is gravely concerned about the upcoming planned revision of the Law on Assembly and Demonstration of South Korea, which severely restricts the Korean people’s right to expression. On 19 November 2003 the Home Affairs Committee of the National Assembly approved a revision bill of the Law on […]

UPDATE (MALAYSIA): Irene Fernandez sentenced to jail for 12 months

Dear friends The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information from the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) that Irene Fernandez was sentenced to jail for 12 months by the Magistrates Court 5B, Kuala Lumpur, on 16 October 2003. However, she is out on bail in the amount of RM 3,000 and filed an […]

SINGAPORE: Oppositionist fined and imprisoned for defending his right to freedom of assembly in defiance of police warning not to hold the rally for workers’ rights.

On 8 October 2002, Singaporean Court sentenced Chee Soon Juan, Singaporean opposition leader, and Ghandhi Ambalam for five and four weeks jail for breaking Singapore’s Public Entertainment and Meeting Act by holding a public event without a permit, after they refused to pay a S$4,500 (USA$2,540) and S$3000 fine, respectively. Ambalam has since been released, as his family paid the fine, but Chee continues to be imprisoned.

KASHMIR: Pakistani police assault peaceful demonstrators

On September 30, 2002, police clashed with protestors peacefully demonstrating against the Mangla Dam extension in Mirpur, a city in the Pakistani controlled area of Kashmir. The police attacked the demonstrators with batons and tear gas, arresting 13 people and injuring others. Mr. Najeeb Asfar, a member of the Association of British Kashmiris, reported that following the incident, most of Mirpur City was put under curfew.

MAY DAY 2002: State violence and repression in Asia

State violence and repression in Asia INDONESIA/MALAYSIA/SINGAPORE/AUSTRALIA: Repression and violence against human rights defenders on May Day 2002 ——————————————————————– Last Wednesday was International Labour Day – the day to remember and continue the struggle for basic human rights for workers around the world. Far too often the efforts of worker activists for justice end in […]

UPDATE (INDONESIA): Head of Militia is Presidential Advisor

We are forwarding an appeal from Eviction Watch and the Urban Poor Consortium (UPC) for your further action to protect Indonesian human rights defenders. After the second attack on UPC by the FBR (Betawi Brotherhood Forum) which caused many of you to write protest letters, 7 of the attackers have been arrested. 

UPDATE (INDONESIA): NGOs condemn latest attack on human rights defenders at Komnas HAM

(RE: UA-11-2002: Attacks on human rights defenders, destruction of property, public use of weapons with impunity)  UPDATE (INDONESIA): Further attacks on human rights defenders, public threats made with impunity  ———————————————————————-  Dear Friends  We are including here a joint statement by 48 Indonesian NGOs in response to another attack by the FBR (Betawi Brotherhood Forum) on […]

INDONESIA: Bandung activists were tortured, face unfair trial

AHRC welcomes the recent capture by the Indonesian police of Tommy Suharto – fugitive son of Gen. Suharto, accused of crimes ranging from corruption and graft to bombings and the assassination of a judge. However, we have serious doubts about the ability of the criminal justice system to proceed effectively, as the system is fundamentally flawed. Time and time again the influential elite and members of military and police charged with horrendous human rights crimes are not prosecuted or let off with ridiculously light sentences; while the poorer sections calling for decent wages and conditions, land for peasants or self-determination for indigenous peoples are harshly punished for raising their voices. 

UPDATE: INDONESIA: More Bandung detainees released

Dear Friends  Thank you for your continued action for justice for the 19 persons arrested and detained in Bandung, Indonesia, for their legitimate protest against impoverishing labour laws and fuel prices. It seems that the cases against the 12 remaining in prison pending trial were found by the court to be so weak that all […]

PAKISTAN – Denial of Right to Freedom of Assembly, Political Arrests

Over the last week, more than 2000 activists and politicians have been arrested by Pakistan’s military regime.

On March 23rd, Pakistan National day, the 16-party Alliance for the Restoration of Democracy (ARD) attempted to hold protest to call for an immediate end to military rule. As of result, a further 100 political leaders, including Javed Hashmi (a senior figure in the Pakistan Muslim League) were arrested by police.

Tian Chua Released on Bail and Hundreds Charged for \"Illegal Assembly\"

AHRC UA990505 Malaysia 05 May 1999 ASIAN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION URGENT APPEAL 20 April 99 released on bail Tian Chua, chairperson of Gagasan Demokrasi Rakyat and Malek Hussain who were remanded for seven days. 14 April 99, 24 persons were arrested for suspected rioting which include Tian Chau and Malik Hussein. The suspects suffered various […]

Malaysia: Hundreds Charged for \"Illegal\" Assembly

AHRC UA990316 Malaysia 16 March 1999 ASIAN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION URGENT APPEAL BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Since September 1998 sacking of Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, several hundred people have been arrested in connection with the series of demonstrations that have taken place.Thousands of Malaysians from all walks of life came into the streets to peacefully protest […]

EGYPT: Government urged to halt excessive force against demonstrators

Dear friends, The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) wishes to forward an appeal from the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies (CIHRS) regarding widespread arbitrary arrest and detention, abductions followed by enforced disappearances of persons, extrajudicial killings and denial of freedom of assembly in Egypt. For more information, please contact: The Cairo Institute for Human […]

FORWARDED APPEAL (Hong Kong SAR): Please send a letter to the Chief Executive to release 14 anti-WTO protesters

Dear friends, The Asian Human Rights Commission is forwarding an appeal issued by the Hong Kong People’s Alliance (HKPA) on 20 December 2005 regarding the arrest and detention of the protesters against the WTO. Please write to the Hong Kong authorities and urge them to unconditionally release 14 detainees as soon as possible. If you […]

FORWARDED APPEAL (Malaysia): Five activists are detained for 2 years without trial under the Internal Security Act

Dear friends, The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) wishes to forward an appeal received from MADPET (Malaysians Against Death Penalty and Torture) regarding a case of five human rights activists who were arrested under the Internal Security Act (ISA) in Malaysia on 12 December 2007. The ISA allows detention without trial. All are now being […]

FORWARDED APPEAL(Burma): Appeal to China to take action on Burma

Dear friends, The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) is forwarding an appeal that was posted on Thailand news site Prachatai, asking the government of China to use its leverage to bring reconciliation and peace in Burma. If the email bounces back, please check here: Please use a different subject line so your email does not […]