SRI LANKA: A Demonstration by Victims of Torture to Create Public Awareness Today

Update on Campaign to Prosecute Torture Perpetrators  Today a demonstration by torture victims will be held at the UDHR Monument on Bullers Road in Colombo to create public awareness about the widespread practice of torture and to gain public support to implement Sri Lanka’s law against torture through the prosecution of perpetrators and through compensation […]

SRI LANKA: Nandini Sriyalatha Herat’s Complaint of Torture is to be Investigated by CID

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) is happy to learn that The Prosecution of Torture Perpetrators Unit of the Attorney General’s Department has forwarded the information provided by AHRC on the torture of H.P. Nandini S.Herat to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and asked CID to conduct a criminal investigation into the allegation. The letter […]

SRI LANKA: Major Row Breaks Out between Senior Police Officers over Police Discipline

A major dispute has erupted between the two most senior police officers in Sri Lanka. The row began with a statement made by the senior deputy inspector general (DIG) of police, H. M. B. G. Kotakadeniya, to the effect that discipline in the Sri Lankan police force has collapsed. This caused the country’s highest police […]

SRI LANKA: Supreme Court Grants Leave to Proceed in Jerad Perera’s Torture Case

SRI LANKA: Supreme Court Grants Leave to Proceed in Jerad Perera’s Torture Case THE SUMMARY On 26th of June, three judges of Supreme Court of Sri Lanka heard the submissions of the petitioner in the fundamental rights violation case in which Jerad Perera complained of brutal torture by the Officer In Charge (OIC) and 7 […]

SRI LANKA: A Young Man Under Life-Support System After Tortured by Eight Police Officers

Victim: Waragodamudalige Gerald Mervin Perera (39)  AHRC is alarmed by the torture of Waragodamudalige Gerald Mervin Perera, 39, father of 2 children, by eight police officers at the Wattala Police Station in Sri Lanka. The victim, Gerald Perera is presently under life support system in a hospital due to the injuries caused by the police.  […]

INDIA: 26th Day of Hunger Strike by Fr. Pallath J. Joseph in India; AHRC Calls for Action to Save the Life of a Jesuit Priest

Statement | India | 04-06-2002

As the hunger strike of Fr. Pallath J. Joseph now enters its 26th day, the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) calls for vigils to be held before all Jesuit houses all over the world urging the Jesuits to intervene with their superior general in Rome, the Rev. Fr. Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, and the superiors of their […]

SRI LANKA: Reports of Criminals in Sri Lankan Police Stations Working as Police Officers

The Asian Human Rights Commission wrote to Mr. John Amaratunga, Minister of Interior Ministry of Interior, Colombo, Sri Lanka today (3rd June 2002) on persons who are alleged criminals who continue to be police officers of various ranks in the police stations in Sri Lanka. A summary of the report is as follows:  Reports of […]

SRI LANKA: Exhibition highlights failure to prevent torture

MAJOR COLOMBO EXHIBITION HIGHLIGHTS FAILURE TO PREVENT TORTURE A major exhibition on ‘elimination of torture’ opened at the Public Library auditorium in Colombo, Sri Lanka on the 16th of April. The exhibits depict individual cases of torture, paintings on the theme of torture, and posters explaining the reasons for torture and laws against torture, highlighting […]

PAKISTAN: People’s Right to Resist

PAKISTAN: The Referendum to Complete Pakistan’s Journey to the Dark Ages – PEOPLE’S RIGHT TO RESIST Today, Pakistan’s military leader General Pervez Musharraf mocked the nation and the international community by holding a referendum as to whether he could remain as the Head of State for another five years. This is an absolute abuse of […]

ALRC Publication ;article 2 ; Internationally Launched at the UN in Geneva

Statement | Asia | 04-04-2002

The International Launching of the Bi-monthly –- article 2 The international launch of the article 2 was successfully held on the 3 April 2002 at the United Nations Office in Geneva, Switzerland on the occasion of the 58th Session of the Commission on Human Rights. The event was attended by a number of members of […]

INDIA: A Statement of Solidarity to Arundhati Roy

Statement | India | 06-03-2002

A Statement By the Asian Human Rights Commission – AHRC   The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) is saddened by the Indian Supreme Court’s judgement on 6 March 2002 against Arundhati Roy for a statement she made in her affidavit to the court in an earlier case. In her affidavit, Arundhati Roy explained her criticism […]

Sri Lanka: Torture Elimination Day 04 February 2002

A Joint Statement By JanaSansadaya, Sri Lanka and the Asian Human Rights Commission AHRC Sri Lanka will celebrate the 54th anniversary of its independence from the British Raj on 4th February 2002. It is appropriate that it also be celebrated as Torture Elimination Day, to highlight the problems that need to be eliminated if the […]

AHRC Statement: An Australia Day for us all

The Asian Human Rights Commission takes the opportunity of Australia Day 2002 to congratulate Dr Aamer Sultan on his recent special commendation by the Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission. In recognising Dr Sultan for his work among asylum seekers at Sydney¡¦s Villawood Detention Centre, where he is also a detainee, the Commission has […]

AHRC HUMAN RIGHTS STATEMENT – Commemoration of the Disappearances in Sri Lanka

Commemoration of “Thirteen years ago my son, who was 22 years old, left home telling me he would return in 15 minutes or so. He never did. We are still waiting. We know he will not come, but we are still waiting,” said a 57-year-old father who joined the commemoration of Disappearances Day for the […]

AHRC HUMAN RIGHTS STATEMENT: Biowarfare fears deny strength of social response

Statement | Asia | 23-10-2001

IT IS EASIER TO MAKE THIS PLANET A HAPPY PLACE TO LIVE THAN TO FLEE TO ANOTHER PLANET TO ESCAPE DEADLY VIRUSES by Basil Fernando, Asian Human Rights Commission A well-known British biologist has stated that the chances of humankind surviving this millennium are very doubtful since a deadly virus that may be created in […]

AHRC Statement on the UN International Day in Support of Victims of Torture

Statement | Asia | 25-06-2001

(This statement is also available in Chinese and Korean, Please check your attachment)   UNITED NATIONS INTERNATIONAL DAY IN SUPPORT OF VICTIMS OF TORTURE Invest Money to eradicate Torture; Mere talk is just hypocrisy! Perhaps, the only day that really reflects the reality of Asia is this day which remembers the victims of Torture. This […]

SRI LANKA: Human Rights Concerns for Reforming the Judiciary

With the Speaker of the House deciding to place the impeachment motion before a select committee and reject the order of the Supreme Court to the contrary, on one hand, and with the government losing its majority in Parliament due to the withdrawal of its coalition partner, the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC), on the […]

SRI LANKA: The Impeachment Motion against the Chief Justice Is an Opportunity to Address the Crisis in the Justice System

Seventy-seven legislators in Parliament signed a resolution to impeach the chief justice of Sri Lanka, Mr. Sarath Nanda Silva, on June 6, 2001. The number of legislators required to file a petition of this type is 75 members of the 225-seat legislature. The signatories to the motion are from the two opposition parties, the United […]

AHRC’s Human Rights Day Statement, December 10, 2000

Statement | Asia | 09-12-2000

Statement on Human Rights Day, December 10, 2000 The Asian Human Rights Commission is pleased to witness growing awareness of human rights in Asia this Human Rights Day, December 10, 2000. Regrettably, burgeoning demands for recognition of human rights in the region have not lead to corresponding growth in implementation: throughout most of Asia respect […]

SRI LANKA: Election Manifests Serious Crisis in Democratic Institutions

Will the perpetrators of violence be brought to justice? An AHRC Statement on Recent General Election, 2000, in Sri Lanka The violence during the election this time has been acknowledged, and even the final results from 23 polling centres have been annulled by the commissioner of elections. In addition, the judgement of overall fairness has […]