Blasphemy Law in Pakistan

UPDATE (PAKISTAN): Pakistan’s Supreme Court has overturned the conviction of a Christian who was sentenced to death for blasphemy

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) welcomes the decision of the Supreme Court of Pakistan to overturn the conviction of Ayub Masia, a Christian who was sentenced to death for blasphemy, and the order of his immediate release.

PAKISTAN: Another person sentenced to death under blasphemy law

An additional sessions judge in Lahore imposed the death penalty and a fine of 500,000 rupees (US$8,335) on Mr. Anwar Kenneth, a former officer in the government’s Fisheries Dept., in a blasphemy case that was registered with the Gawalmandi police in Pakistan.

PAKISTAN: Death Sentence for Alleged Blasphemy

Dear Friends  We are forwarding the following appeal from the National Commission For Justice and Peace for your urgent action to try to stop the killing of Ayub Masih by the military government of Pakistan under the infamous Blasphemy Law 295-C. Under this law, the only evidence needed is one ‘reliable’ man’s word that the […]

PAKISTAN: A human rights activist Fr. Arnold Heredia was detained.

| Pakistan | 14-01-2001

HOTLINE ASIA  SPECIAL URGENT APPEALS  SUA010113(1): FREEDOM TO PEACEFUL ASSEMBLY AGAINST BLASPHEMY LAWS, RELEASE THE PEACEFUL PROTESTERS – PAKISTAN  January 13, 2001  SUMMARY  Fr. Arnold Heredia (60), former Executive Secretary of the Committee for Justice & Peace Karachi, was among 17 protestors arrested and detained in Karachi at 4.00 p.m. on 10 January, 2001. As […]