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Asian Alliance Against Torture and Ill-treatment

WORLD: A unique regional initiative: The Asian Alliance against Torture and Ill-Treatment

Asia.pngArticle : It is well documented that torture, enforced disappearances and extra-judicial executions are carried out throughout Asia by agents of the state, notably police, military, and special investigation units, who expose ordinary citizens to such heinous crimes in complete disregard of national legislation.

Torture is rampant, but even today it remains a taboo in many countries — and for good reasons. Human rights defenders and civil society organizations strive to break this taboo. They meticulously document torture and other human rights violations and disseminate information about these abusive practices to the governments and the general public in their countries. A human rights movement is growing, demanding an immediate stop to the use of torture. But more needs to be done to bring more people into this movement, notably parliamentarians, medical professionals, media people, and other progressive forces.  Read More...

WORLD: The AHRC and RCT launches the Asian Alliance against Torture and Ill-Treatment (AAATI)

Asia.pngArticle : The idea that we have to form the Asian Alliance against Torture and Ill-Treatment comes after almost 15 years of work to introduce the idea of the elimination of torture and ill-treatment to Asia. When the Asian Human Rights Commission started work on torture, we were pioneers in the region. The human rights movement in Asia did not pay much attention to this problem at that time. Perhaps many thought that it was too big a problem to be addressed. However, in our work we have found so many friends from almost all countries of Asia, and we have also found that the desire to address this issue firmly is very much a part of the consciousness of the ordinary folk in Asia. Read More...

ASIA: Asian Alliance Against Torture and Ill-treatment launched

Asia.pngStatement : A group of 26 human rights defenders and organisations, today concluded a five-day regional conclave and formed a unique regional initiative - The Asian Alliance Against Torture and Ill-treatment (AAAT). The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) and the Rehabilitation and Research Centre for Torture Victims (RCT), Denmark took the lead to organise the foundational meeting of the AAAT, first of its kind in Asia. The meeting was held from 15 to 19 August at the AHRC's office in Hong Kong. Read More...

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