AHRC: Mr. Bijo Francis is still with the AHRC – a statement of the Asian Human Rights Commission 

The Asian Human Rights Commission has learnt that another false report has been filed by Nilantha Ilangamuwa, who publishes under many different names, to the effect that the AHRC’s Executive Director Mr. Bijo Francis has stepped down due to some allegations made by the author in several of his publications. Like many of his allegations, this too is completely false. Mr. Bijo Francis is on ‘No Pay Leave’ due to the serious illness that his father has been suffering. The son’s attendance was needed in order to play a helpful role when his old father is seriously ill. It is simple human decency, and also the traditions of a society in which we live that one of the son’s duties is to attend to his parents in their old age, and particularly at times when they are physically suffering due to a serious physical illness. It is most unkind to publish this kind of completely false allegation, and it further proves that the purpose of this publication is malicious and revengeful.

Speaking from his home in Kerala, Mr. Bijo said: “I am not surprised by the unkindness of this report”. He further said: “Now that I have a little free time, I have asked some competent Indian lawyers to look into the matter of taking legal action against all the false allegations against me and against the Asian Human Rights Commission published by entities controlled by Nilantha Ilangamuwa”.

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