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India - Pebam

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Manipur is an Indian state in the north-eastern region of the country. Manipur and its people have made important contributions to the country and its development. Yet, owing to short-sighted polices of the government, the state is pushed into a high state of militarisation causing heavy loss to life, property and the development of the state. The high degree of militarisation in the state has further isolated the ordinary people of Manipur from the rest of the country. Manipuris deserve better treatment and respect.

The video is about the traumatic experience of a person, Pebam, who was taken into custody by the paramilitary units stationed in the state and subjected to torture from 16 - 23 May 2009. Pebam was arrested together with his friend, Satish. Satish was murdered by the paramilitary units in cold blood. They later claimed that Satish was killed in an encounter. This, and many other cases reported by the AHRC, available at Urgent Appeals, shows how the Indians fight Indians in the country. The complete case could be read at AHRC-UAC-054-2009

A video about the militarisation and its effects can be viewed at Compilation of video footages

The videos are dedicated to those innocent Manipuris who lost their life in Manipur. The video carry graphic images that some viewers might find unpleasant.

Indonesia - Hartoyo, a victim of torture

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On 22nd January, 2007, at 11.30pm, Mr Hartoyo, an NGO worker in Aceh province, was at home with his partner Bobby when two men kicked down his front door and began assaulting them both.

After subjecting the victims to physical and verbal abuse, the attackers eventually decided to call the police. Four policemen arrived at the scene and took both men to Banda Raya police station.

While at the police station, the men were allegedly forced to strip down to their underwear, viciously beaten and subjected to verbal abuse. They were also sprayed with ice-cold water.

Mr Hartoyo also alleges that he was sexually abused by one of the officers and that Bobby was forced to perform oral sex on him. Bobby was also denied permission to go to the toilet and forced to urinate on Mr Hartoyo’s head.

The victims were later taken to a lock-up where they were denied their basic human right to contact a family member, and where Mr Hartoyo was severely beaten by an officer after innocently admitting to his cellmate that he was homosexual.

The next day at 9.00am, Mr Hartoyo was allowed to speak briefly with his fellow NGO workers. Both men were physically and mentally exhausted after their ordeal and decided against filing a formal complaint. They were made to sign a statement addressed to the Village Head Chief not to indulge in “homosexual actions again”.

Read more: Details of the case / AHRC Urgent Appeal: AHRC-UA-068-2007




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