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PAKISTAN: A call to save the people of Tharparker and surrounding desert areas from the acute drought


Photo courtesy: The Nation in Pakistan

Urgent Appeal Case : About 1.3 million people of the Tharparkar District (which is generally called the Thar District) are facing a severe shortage of food and water because of the lack of rainfall. However, the government has not taken any proper measures to provide relief to the people of this area who are suffering from acute hunger and are falling ill due to the spread of diseases – and this has been going on for the past three years. Read More...

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Torture in Pakistan

Torture in custody is a serious problem affecting the rule of law in Pakistan. It is used as the most common means to obtain confession statements. As yet, there has been no serious effort by the government to make torture a crime in the country. It provides impunity to the perpetrators who are mostly either policemen or members of the armed forces. Furthermore, there is no means for the protection of witnesses. This discourages victims from making complaints. While the international jurisprudence on the issue has evolved into very high standards, the situation in Pakistan resembles the stone ages.

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