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PAKISTAN: Labour Day meaningless for country’s working class

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Statement : Labour Day in Pakistan is oxymoronic, because the day is just another holiday for the nation’s better off population, while the labour class toils under the blazing sun. Perhaps on no other day does the class difference between the haves and have nots manifest itself as clearly as it does on this day. Throughout the world, the day is marked to commemorate the struggle of the working class; in Pakistan however, that class is kept deliberately unaware of its rights. When the ruling elite become an integral part of the state, the state becomes the exploiter. Read More...

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PAKISTAN: Aerial and land operations in Balochistan, for boycotting military sponsored elections


Statement : The areas which came under the latest military operation are Tump, Gumazi, Mulant, Buleda, Dasht, Balitgar and Prom of Kech district. It is said that this is the fifth time operation in the Gumazi which is the strong hold of Balochistan National Movement (BNM) and every time the security agencies take some persons into custody and then it was hard to recover them. The whole district of Kech is completely cut off because of bombardment in the hill areas of the district. The people of these areas are advised by the security forces remain inside the houses and if any person, even, found standing at the roof top or before the windows will be shot, according to the local newspapers. Read More...

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PAKISTAN: Military farms in the 21st century, Orwellian

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Statement : Illegal land grabbing is now being used as a most profitable business for the force, which has anyway been guzzling a lion’s share of the national budget, depriving citizens their right to basic facilities like health and education. As a result, the struggle of the peasantry to own land they have been tilling for generations, which began in the British era, continues in the 21st century. This time it is the Pakistani State goaded by the Military that is denying citizens the right to own what is rightfully theirs. Read More...

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PAKISTAN: Gang raped victim attempts suicide the third time after continuous denial of justice from courts

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Urgent Appeal Update : The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received updated information that Ms. Nasira Parveen, a victim of police excess and inhuman torture, has attempted self immolation after her case for action against the Station House Officer, Kasowal Police Station, Punjab, was dismissed by a civil judge. The delinquent officer was exonerated of all charges. Disheartened by the injustice, Nasira poured petrol over herself, but accidently set the courtroom door on fire. This was Nasira’s third attempt to kill herself. The victim has been seeking redress for the past 6 years, despite the odds, however the judicial system has failed her at every step. Frustrated by the incessant injustice meted to her, Nasira has been forced to take dire steps to protest against the injustice. Read More...

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Torture in Pakistan

Torture in custody is a serious problem affecting the rule of law in Pakistan. It is used as the most common means to obtain confession statements. As yet, there has been no serious effort by the government to make torture a crime in the country. It provides impunity to the perpetrators who are mostly either policemen or members of the armed forces. Furthermore, there is no means for the protection of witnesses. This discourages victims from making complaints. While the international jurisprudence on the issue has evolved into very high standards, the situation in Pakistan resembles the stone ages.

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