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SRI LANKA/WORLD : Attorney General’s Department comes under serious public scrutiny


Article : The role of the Attorney General’s Department in terms of upholding the justice system in Sri Lanka, and rule of law is being critically examined from many quarters. The UN Special Rapporteur on the independence of judges and lawyers Ms. Monica Pinto severely critiqued the Attorney Generals’ Department in her Preliminary Observations and recommendations following her visit to Sri Lanka on 7th May 2016. Also, the UN Special Rapporteur against torture and ill treatment Mr. Juan E Mendez also examined the role of the Attorney General in terms of impunity and lack of accountability regarding the violations relating to torture and ill treatment as well as other human rights abuses. Meanwhile, the Anti-Corruption Fund (ACF) in a report bearing No 177 exposes how the cases that have been submitted by the Financial Crime Investigations Department (FCID), to the Attorney General’s Department are lying dormant at the Department as there are delays in taking action by the Attorney General’s Department. Meanwhile the Asian Human Rights Commission in Hong Kong has enumerated a series of defects of the Attorney General’s Department that obstructs the administration of justice and the achievement of rule of law in Sri Lanka. Read More...

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The Police Torture Epidemic in Sri Lanka

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Torture in Sri Lanka

Torture is endemic in Sri Lanka is it practiced at every police station and detention centre including those kept under the Terrorism Investigating Unit. Torture is the mode by which crimes are investigated and this implies even investigations into many offences. Torture is often used to implicate innocent people particularly from low income backgrounds in cases where the police have filed to find the actual culprits in these cases. Torture is often accompanied with the filing of fabrication of charges.

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