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SRI LANKA: The Constitution as a cause for the violence and bloodshed


Article : As the possibility of an election has become a “hot topic” of the day, with it has emerged the problem of the 1978 Constitution and the system of the Executive Presidency, as a sharp point of contest and debate in Sri Lanka. In the midst of this unfolding scenario, President Rajapaksa, in a much publicized speech, stated that he would be willing, more than any other person, to abolish the executive presidency if, the TNA and the diaspora give an undertaking that they will not demand a separate state. Read More...

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The Police Torture Epidemic in Sri Lanka

To Protect The Law Is To Protect The Nation

Torture in Sri Lanka

Torture is endemic in Sri Lanka is it practiced at every police station and detention centre including those kept under the Terrorism Investigating Unit. Torture is the mode by which crimes are investigated and this implies even investigations into many offences. Torture is often used to implicate innocent people particularly from low income backgrounds in cases where the police have filed to find the actual culprits in these cases. Torture is often accompanied with the filing of fabrication of charges.

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