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PAKISTAN: Call to hold inquiry into murder of transgender rights defender who received eight bullet shots


Trans Action Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa’s Facebook page

Urgent Appeal Case : The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received updated information regarding transvestite Ali Sha, alias Alesha, who was shot eight times and seriously injured in Peshawar on May 22. Denied proper medical treatment in the hospital where doctors and staff were asking about her rates for dance and sex, she succumbed to her injuries on 25 May 2016. Alesha was a rights defender and coordinator of TransAction Alliance, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Peshawar city. Read More...

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PAKISTAN: Jirga’s antidote is fair and functional justice system


Statement : In the absence of a fair and functional judicial system that can uphold the rule of law, Pakistan citizens are at the mercy of landlords, who dole out punishment in whimsy. Recently, two peasant brothers from Phul Village, Nowshehro Feroz District, Sindh Province, were ordered to seek forgiveness from their landlord, while holding their shoes in their mouths and put it in the feet of land lord. The landlord belongs to Sindh’s largest political party Pakistan People’s Party (PPP). Read More...

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PAKISTAN: Transgender activists continue to face police abuse and discrimination


Statement : Discrimination and abuse from police and government officials continues to be faced by transgender rights defenders. Furthermore, many activists have been abducted, beaten, and raped for raising their voice against the atrocities meted out to them. Pakistani society by and large ostracises persons of transgender. Being social outcastes and shunned by their families, many transgender persons end up becoming sex commodities or street dancers. Sources of sustenance are limited for individuals who do not identify with either male or female genders. Read More...

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Torture in Pakistan

Torture in custody is a serious problem affecting the rule of law in Pakistan. It is used as the most common means to obtain confession statements. As yet, there has been no serious effort by the government to make torture a crime in the country. It provides impunity to the perpetrators who are mostly either policemen or members of the armed forces. Furthermore, there is no means for the protection of witnesses. This discourages victims from making complaints. While the international jurisprudence on the issue has evolved into very high standards, the situation in Pakistan resembles the stone ages.

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