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PAKISTAN: Release with immediate effect, Baba Jan and other eleven human rights defenders, sentenced for life imprisonment by an anti-terrorism court

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Urgent Appeal Update : The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information that 12 human rights defenders including Baba Jan, a prominent human rights defender, have been sentenced to imprisonment for life, by the Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC). They have been so sentenced for raising their voice and holding a protest against not providing compensation rightly due to the people who were submerged and trapped under a massive landslide and against the killing of two persons - a father and his son by a high ranking police officer, during the demonstrations. On a previous occasion six trade union members from the Power Loom factories were also sentenced with imprisonment in total of 493 years – 81 years for each person - by the ATC, who were merely demanding a hike in their wages as announced by the government. Read More...

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Torture in Pakistan

Torture in custody is a serious problem affecting the rule of law in Pakistan. It is used as the most common means to obtain confession statements. As yet, there has been no serious effort by the government to make torture a crime in the country. It provides impunity to the perpetrators who are mostly either policemen or members of the armed forces. Furthermore, there is no means for the protection of witnesses. This discourages victims from making complaints. While the international jurisprudence on the issue has evolved into very high standards, the situation in Pakistan resembles the stone ages.

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