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SOUTH KOREA: National Assembly Member Lee Seok-ki and severalothers convicted

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Urgent Appeal Case : The Asian Human Rights Commission has received information that in South Korea, there are deep concerns over the so-called 'insurrection conspiracy charges against National Assembly Member and incumbent lawmaker Lee Seok-ki' and several others in South Korea, by the Seoul High Court – for which he and several others have been sentenced to 9 years imprisonment based on a recorded remarks he made to his political followers. Read More...

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SOUTH KOREA: Reprisals against lawyers in a civilised society

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Statement : Reprisals against lawyers defending the right of the accused are a historical reality of past military and authoritarian regime in South Korea. Those who received either disciplinary punishment or imprisonment, and provided legal advice at that time later earned the label “human rights lawyers”. Read More...

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Torture in South Korea
The Republic of Korea has recognised the competence of the Committee Against Torture pursuant to Article 21 and 22 of the Convention in November 2007.

However, two significant problems in the country exist. First, redress for the victims who were tortured and convicted through the confession by torture and fabricated evidence by the Agency for National Security Planning, the predecessor of the National Intelligence Service. After the establishment of Truth and Reconciliation Commission at the end of 2005, such cases were examined so that the victims can bring the result of the findings to the court for a review. However, such cases were reviewed mainly not based on the confession through the act of torture but prolonged detention.

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