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INDONESIA: Human rights challenges await Indonesia next president


Statement : Jokowi and Jusuf Kalla promise to put an end to impunity by revising the current Military Tribunal Law. Although welcoming such commitment, the AHRC believes that the anti-impunity message will not be properly realized unless criminal investigation and punishment for individuals responsible for serious human rights abuses take place. Read More...

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INDONESIA: Newlywed Tortured Following Fabricated Charge of Cannabis Possession


File photo Dany Lastino, arrested & tortured two weeks after his wedding. Courtesy, LBH Jakarta

Urgent Appeal Case : The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information regarding the arrest, detention, and torture of a man charged for cannabis possession. The arrest of Dany Lastino was conducted by two police officers, following an unverified report submitted over the phone by an unidentified caller. The arrest and torture has taken place just two weeks after the victim’s wedding. Read More...

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Torture in Indonesia

The practice of torture in Indonesia is already institutionalised. The practice of torture is deeply rooted because the police see it as a 'source of income', in a form of bribery when committing torture. Accordingly, this becomes an incentive to conduct torture for police officers with relatively low salaries. Form the legal point of view, the perpetrator should have been punished. However, punishment of the perpetrators is difficult as the victims are reluctant to file complaints and refuse to voice their sufferings. This whole situation makes the struggle to eliminate torture is even harder.

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